Hmmmm….Baby Owl Blinks? Seems rather an odd name choice for a digital marketing company, right?

The name is rooted in the training that I do. Because I truly enjoy teaching, I also serve as a university instructor. Every so often, I look out at my students and see them peering back at me, blinking like little baby owls as they absorb new concepts. This became the genesis of the Baby Owl Blinks name. In many cultures, the owl represents learning, wisdom, and communication. I hope to bring those qualities to our work together. (Plus, baby owls blinking make adorable videos!)

Outsource Your Marketing

We help small business and non-profit organizations to effectively communicate their message through digital marketing and social media campaigns. We create and execute:

  • Digital marketing¬†communication strategies
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Marketing Plans
  • Training for key individuals within your organization
  • Website development

Coming Soon?

A classic case of the shoemaker’s children having no shoes, we have been so busy working with our clients that our website is still being built.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t available to chat! How can we help?

Looking forward to chatting with you!